Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back from Denver - June 14

June 14, 2010

Katie return to Dayton and I return to Cleveland Airport. We had a good trip - was able to see Rachel Saturday and Sunday. but it did rain a lot and was cold. Good thing that we checked out the internet weather, because Katie and I were prepared. The weekend started with a Tornado warning on Friday at Denver Int'l Airport after I landed and just before Katie was suppose to land. This is a picture of the storm coming in. There was cloud rotation, but it never developed into a funnel cloud. But we got lucky in that her plane circled around the storm and after it passed she was able to land by 530pm. One woman on the plane back to Ohio said that they were diverted to Colorado Springs and she didn't make it to Denver until 1am. Here is a picture of Rachel and Katie at the airport.We had supper at Mimi's Cafe and enjoyed great food. Too much to eat there, so we took the extras home as Katie and I had a kitchenette in the hotel that included a refrigerator.
JR, Katie, myself and Rachel after we had eaten.

We spent Saturday at the Denver Downtown Aquarium. It was a good aquarium, but it also was cold - 49F and rainy. They say that Denver gets about 16inches of rain - well I think we got half of that this weekend - only kidding about the amount -but it did rain enough that there was standing water in the driveway at Rachel's apartment. It never did warm up. Funny how last time I was in Denver - they had a record high - and this time I don't think it was a record low - but sure was opposite from what they usually have.
Sunday, It was girls day and we went on Banjo Billy's Bus Tour of Denver. It was very interesting; Rachel and Katie enjoyed it and we learned some Denver history. Denverites love their public art, so 1% of the new building budgets have to be appropriated to public art. The Big Blue Bear is one of them. Blue Bear is 40 ft tall and on the opposite side of the building, there are 2 people which are 60ft tall. Unfortunately, we never saw them.
Banjo Billy's Bus, which is a renovated school bus. It's kind of hippy looking inside.

Notice the drink holder on the wall of the bus? I think it's a great idea to copy-only on a large scale- in the head to make a small waste basket that I'll line with plastic garbage bags only Phil will make a bar of wood to hold to the wall instead of screws and washers.
As you can see, Rachel and Katie got very comfortable seats on the bus. Afterward we rented a movie at Redbox, ate leftovers from our many dinners out over the weekend and relaxed in our hotel room.

Time for me to take a shower - very important to good sleeping especially when you're outside - get sticky. Also makes it easier getting ready in the morning. Will post more later about the move.

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