Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting Changes Ready

We've had some really warm and dry weather this week - had record high's in the mid 80's - so Phil has been busy getting Changes ready to put into the water. Unfortunately, some of the red Vivid bottom paint had flaked off the interprotect - so he had to scrape off all the loose areas in addition to the normal sanding. Part of the keel and the bow were affected. He thinks that maybe it was too cold when he put it on, as not all of the bottom paint is flaking off. Some history: In preparation of changing the bottom paint to be compatible with salt water instead of the fresh water Changes has been set up for, fall 2008 he removed part of the old bottom paint and repainted with the Vivid red. spring 2009 he did the rest. It's the areas he did in the fall that we're having problems with now. Of course he had to order more paint - and is now waiting for the additional quart of paint to come in on Tuesday so that either Tuesday or Wednesday he can paint the rest of the bottom. He has cleaned the top-side with the windex- so it's nice and shiny and plans to wax the topsides on Monday. Besides these last two chores, all that needs to be done is to charge and install the batteries, which he won't do until close to when the boat is scheduled to go in to the water and Changes will be ready to go in the water. April 27 is the first day that boats go in at Grand River Marine and he hopes to get an appointment on that day.

Phil is now over his friend Kay's home picking up the dinghy, where it was stored for the winter. He plans to sell it and have us use the new one that he is making for when we cruise. The new one so much bigger because it has a flat bottom so we'll have plenty of room to put us and the water jugs/food/supplies that we'll need when traveling.

Here is a picture of starting to put the bottom on the boat.

Here is a picture with the bottom being clamped on.

Here is the bottom after it's been glued, fiberglass and epoxy applied and sanded.

The Daffodils are starting to bloom in the bed next to the house. Here they are in their prime condition. We have the greenery up of the daffodils across the driveway, but no flowers yet. There are buds coming out on the trees and Phil trimmed the plum tree in the back yard. The red stalks of the Peonies are starting to poke out of the ground too. Spring has arrived! Even thought it wasn't a bad winter, the weather was hard on the bush type plants and japanese maple tree - as limbs have broken off. Too bad! I trimmed the bush rose bushes and hope that they will bush out more this year.

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