Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calvin's Quilt - boat items swap

Since my last posting, I have completed my 2nd nursing class this past Thursday, which gave me a weekend of no school so I decided to work on Calvin's quilt. Using an iron I set the fabric pastels so they won't wash out. I used them to draw up each design on the fabric and applied fusible web to the letters and have a mock layup which you can see here. A few years ago, Katie and I went to a sewing and quilting expo at the IX Center and I bought the fabric pastels - so am glad to be able to use them. I miss my Mom's light box tracing the designs, but used a flashlight under a Omnigrid square ruler, which worked out well. Above is all the letters of the alphabet. Keep in mind I still have to fuse the letters to the blocks.
The photos that follow are semi-close ups of the 4 corners of the quilt. I have tried as much as possible to have an ocean/beach theme, but as you can see - couldn't do everything that way.
The Blocks are: A - Anchors (danforth, bruce and fisherman after all this is a learning quilt!), B - Boat (you can't see in this picture but there is "C2" on the sail. "C" for Calvin and "2" for his age for when I hope he gets this quilt), C - Car (Honda Pilot, which is the current Groh family vehicle), D - Dolphin, G - grapes (for the wine that is drunk?) - H - Horses - I - Chocolate Ice Cream - J - Jack in the Box, M - Moose , N - Neck tie - O for Orange - P -Pumpkin
Addition letters seen here are: E - Eagle , F - Fish, K - Kite (that is flown at the beaches) L - Lighthouse - Q -Quilt to lay on top of on the sand- R - Life raft
U - Beach Umbrella, V - Volleyball, W - Whale and X - Xylophone (which I know is NOT a beach theme but does begin with "X")

S - Sun - T - I think I can Train, and last but not least Y - Yam and Z - Zoo plankton (didn't think I'd actually find a "Z" word that goes along with the theme but here it is)

Now I need to have ideas for the numbers 1 - 10 that will complete the 36 blocks in the quilt, but that will wait for another day. So far #1 is a chair and my plan is to use shapes of fabric fused and sewn to the squares.

Just to make this a little related to sailing, Phil went to Chagrin Lagoons Yacht Club in Eastlake this afternoon as they were having a sailors swap meet where you can bring boat item that you aren't using anymore and sell/trade them. It was successful as Phil sold 6 items and has enough money to almost buy the new anchor that he wants for Changes. This has been a day where we had some rain on and off rain, which was off during the swap meet and now is on which is not good for the Maple Festival.

Tonight is the Grand River Sailing Club Lottery meeting which we'll be going to even though we are not racing this year. It will be nice to socialize with our friends. Time for me to go as I need to get something to eat. Feel free to post comments about suggestions what I should use for # 2 - 10, as my idea is to have the number of objects for each number on the square.

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