Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost ready to put Changes in water/School

Phil was pretty busy today. He got the new dinghy inspected today, applied the numbers and then took it down to GRYC. He tried it out and it's definitely less tippy, but now he's having problems with the outboard motor. Another project to work on. He also worked on making the holder for the anchor light and so will be installing that shortly. Still scheduled to go in the water April 26. After all of that, he was kind enough to walk up to the square, as it's Maple Festival time and there isn't any parking up there - to get a certified copy of our marriage license so that I can have my RN license updated to my new name.

I also took my last test - and should have gotten an "A", but something happened because as I reviewed the test (taken online) all the questions I got wrong were the same answers that I had marked! Emailed the professor, and will see what happened, but even if there can't be changes made, will still get an "A" in the class. We have a showing tomorrow at 430 - 530pm so will now start to get ready, but before I did, I wanted to take my last test first so that I can enjoy my weekend.

With great regret, I have lowered the price of the house again as have 9 days left before the first time buyers can get the $8,000.00 tax credit and hoping it might make a difference. Don't have much hope that will get an offer in that time, but willing to try as we want to go cruising. Hope is dwindling that the house in Euclid, whose owner has the concurrence contract with us, will sell as they haven't lowered the price to what their Realtor asked for in order to sell it. I did a search of homes in Euclid and can you believe there are 490 homes for sale at $120,000 or less and there are 4 houses on their street for sale. If anyone believes in prayer, please pray for us to sell our home soon. Thanks.

I took some pictures of the crab apple trees out front and also the daffodils across the driveway. They are at peak and I wanted to capture them one last time. Will add the pictures later.

Almost forgot. Found out during our open house that the water heater was leaking. We're lucky in that we still had hot water. We also had signed up for the HSA Home Warranty (though initially they said the contract had expired and they weren't going to cover it - but Lynn Bender got it all worked out) and for the buyers and sellers (that's us!), so were able to have a new water heater installed for $75 this past Monday. Took 8 days to get it, but at least it's new and Phil didn't have to do the installing or carrying out the old one himself. Looks like it was worth the price on the home warranty.

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