Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Calvin's Quilt

Calvin is Phil and my grandson by Vicki, his daughter. I have promised them a quilt, so have been working on it lately in between studying. Vicki has been very patient (Thank you Vicki) not razing me for not having the finished as I was able to get one done much sooner for Henry. As time has moved on, my ideas for making this quilt has changed as Calvin is getting older and I need to finish it! It's to be an alphabet and numbers quilt with an object to illustrate each letter in the alphabet and then the same number of object for each number. ie : Anchor for "A", Boat for "B" ... I was having problems with some letters, so used the trusty internet and did searches for some of the difficult letters googling "letter that start with ___". "N, Q, X, Y, Z" were particularly difficult, so trying to keep as close as I can to a Ocean and Beach theme - I came up with Zooplankin. I actually found a line drawing of some and then thought that I can trace that onto the fabric with a fabric marker. Came out pretty good, if I say so myself, so then thought - hey! great idea - will do this with the other letters too. I also have some fabric pastels that will work to color in the designs - cover the design with a paper and iron to set them so they don't fade. Works great on a boat - doesn't take up much room. Will still use fabric to applique the letters - using both capital and lower case letter. To add some interest - will separate each square with sashing. So at least I'm making progress and hope that I can finish this before his 2nd birthday.

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