Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Mattress for Changes - Renting

A couple weeks ago, Phil and I ordered a new high density foam mattress to be made at Original Mattress Factory in Cleveland. We understand that they make the mattresses for the tartan boats. As I need a firm but soft mattress - we ordered the 6 1/2" thick instead of the 5 1/2" thick one. It was ready this past week and Phil picked it up in my van. It's all one piece, which will make it more comfortable to sleep on. See picture below. Yesterday was the Welcome Aboard Party at GRYC - so I thought it a perfect time to try out the new mattress. It was to be 46F at night, but as we have a electric heater and being at dock - having enough electricity isn't a problem - we decided to try it out. In case you don't know - Phil sleeps like a baby on the boat - Me, I need more padding. Well, I'm happy to say that for the first night, this mattress is very good!! Minimal aches and pains for me. I think that I would like a little more softness, so we are negotiating adding the memory foam mattress on top. We have yet to work out how it will be cut - as Phil doesn't want anymore softness of his side.

Phil had gotten up at 530am for necessities - and turned on the heater, so when I woke up 2 hours later, the boat was toasty warm. After having the requisite coffee and tea, we went to Sammy's Restaurant with fellow sailor Mark Whalen for some breakfast. We had a great time listening to each others stories. Below is a picture of the sunrise off Changes stern looking across Grand River.

Well we have decided that we're going to put the house up for rent - listing in the MLS with our Realtor, Lynn Bender. The housing market has slowed down since the tax credit has expired - so we decided to rent after the concurrency contract expires June 30. The deal is we can sign a rental agreement July 1 and they can move in July 2 or later. We've decided to use a screening company and hope that we'll get a quality family to rent for a year - or more if we like the cruising lifestyle. Phil and I don't have much hope that the buyer's house will sell in Euclid. So now we have 6 weeks to clear out the house and move onto the boat. Wish us luck in getting it all done!

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