Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update house and school

Hi, Since we weren't able to go sailing this fall, I'll start updating on what we are doing currently. I've started back to school - taking an online RN-BSN program at Jacksonville University in - you guessed it - Jacksonville, FL. I had registered for 2 online nursing classes - but decided after spazzing last Tuesday, to drop the Nursing Assessment class - lets me get use to taking an Online Course. So now Phil is cooking supper during the weekdays which enables me to get to studying most evenings by 630pm. He calls me with questions during the afternoon- and then cooks the food. It's good and I appreciate his support very much. I took the first 2 exams (10 pts each) and averaged 85%. Ok to start. So I have 2 more exams this week and next week the big Nurses Role exam. I'm focusing on the NP (Nurse Practitioner) role, since that's what I want to do. I'm lucky that I have some NP's I interact with at work an have scheduled a meeting with one on Friday to interview her. Also due in the course is my Philosophy of Professional Nursing paper and a teaching plan.

We had an open house on Sunday - and were happy that 3 groups of people came. It seems that it's not right for them, but there is another couple that's waiting for the bank to give them a loan, and so I'm hopeful that will work out. We were lucky that it didn't snow and everyone was able to get up the driveway. :) The hits of people viewing our house went up on the web site has increased since the start of 2010, so that's good too.

Phil started building a J-14 ice boat this past fall. So when I am studying in the evenings, he is working on his ice boat. It is so cold here that he has started bringing few parts in the house so the epoxy can harden. Also seems that he needs to paint some parts - so will check out doing it in the attic. My theory is that warm air rises, and if he paints on the 3rd floor, that the fumes won't have to rise through the whole house, so I'm hoping that will keep the air quality good. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Let me know if you want to see any pictures of the ice boat. He takes many to document his progress and also to let other ice boat makers see his progress.

I hope everyone is staying warm. Until next time.

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