Sunday, January 24, 2010

Done with Nursing Roles Essay Test

What a relief!!! Ugh! Done with the 8 question essay test. We had 3 hours to take the test, and I was pushing the "done" button with 25 sec left and counting. I don't know how long it will take to get the results, but I'm thinking in a week. We needed to do a role that would required me to have a BSN in order to do it. - so I picked a NP with Palliative Care focus. I appreciate very much the NP's that let me interview them. One from University Hospitals and the other from Hospice of the Western Reserve. It would have been much harder without the resources I have available.

Now Phil and I are going to Middlefield to have me try on snowmobile helmets so that if the ice is right, we can try ice boating again next weekend. Right now, I need to get up and stretch and walk about to get rid of the stiffness - boy it's tough to get older - notice that I didn't say old? Sitting 3 hours the day after pushing an ice boat around is a recipe for being stiff.


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