Wednesday, January 27, 2010

School - Tests and Boards

Hi everyone,

You're probably wondering what am I talking about?

My sister Cheryl, has gone back to school to get her nursing degree. First she completed the LPN portion of her education. (Cheryl, I hope you don't mind me bragging about you) She had graduated from her LPN class with a 3.95 GPA, and has just passed her LPN boards. Now she is going to get her RN degree. In another 18 months we'll have another RN in the family.

Many of you know that I have gone back to school to get my BSN in online RN - BSN program at Jacksonville University - and am currently taking my first nursing class. Last weekend we had a 8 essay question test that took the full 3 hrs allotted. Glad that's over! Today I got my score and was glad to see I got 100%. I really happy that my hard work has payed off. Now it's time to start working on my Philosophy of Nursing Paper which is due a week from Sunday.

Thanks for letting me share my joy with you.


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