Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice Boating

Above  is Neal's runner plank lifter that Phil modeled his after. Below is Phil's made of black walnut.

Above is Phil's made of black walnut after he varnished it.  Waiting to dry.  Below is another view of Neal's.

Phil is all set to go ice boating on Elk Lake using his J14 that is now complete. He had been planning on leaving tomorrow, but they have a lot of snow falling at this time, so we shall see. Click on the Elk Lake purple link and it takes you to Jack and Kelly Jacob web site. This is the place that Phil will be going to, and also me the first weekend in March for their ice boating party. They have a live web cam set up to watch the show. They live on the shore of Elk Lake in Elk Rapids, MI so the cam is set up in their house looking out onto the lake. You can see from some of the pictures on their site that they are dog people.

The middle 2 pictures are of Phil's runner plank lifter device that he copied from Neal Betts. Phil's is made of black walnut from a tree we had cut down in the back yard. The varnish is drying, so later when it can be put together, Phil will take another picture.


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