Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Erie Canal Lock 20

Tuesday, May 24
Oriskany, NY Lock 20
Distance Traveled:  34.33nm
Miles traveled to get home:  1995.05nm
Total Distance Traveled:  4674.98 nm

Phil and Colin left this morning about 645am to get to the first lock about 715am.  Just before Lock 17, there was a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust.  The water coming out was warm so Phil took off the exhaust hose and inserted a coat hanger and got something loose so that water that had been a trickle now started coming out like it was suppose to.  Other than that, they have had an uneventful day.  They plan to get to Lock 23 tomorrow and then will have to wait until that section of the Erie Canal opens. 

This morning I started marking some of the 7400+ photos and copying them into a separate folder for making into a slide show of our trip.  I have gotten from Ohio down to Hampton, VA.  We are looking into buying some software that was recommended to us for doing this.  I would like to be able to post this video on You Tube and also make DVD's to hand out to friends.

This afternoon I went to the Fairport storage and found some of my work clothes.  There were a few boxes that had gotten went when some water leaked in, but it looks like the rest of things were ok as most of the items were put into tubs.  I'm looking forward to seeing friends at Capps tonight for chicken salad.

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