Sunday, March 28, 2010

Update on House

Last weekend we signed a concurrency contract for an offer on the house. That means the couple who wants to buy our house has to sell their house in Euclid by June 29. It also means that we keep the house active on the listing service open for offers and be able to be released from this contract if we get and want to accept another offer from someone else. We would do this if they were ready buyers (no house to sell) and they offered an acceptable price. So I feel that we're lucky to have this offer - pray for them to be able to get the offer on their house they can accept soon so that we can move onto the boat and then be able to save the mortgage money for the cruising kitty.

In the meantime, we are waiting for the contractor to come fix the gutters on the house from the damaged that happened from the ice this winter. I'm still at school with the Nursing Assessment for Experience Nurses online with 4 weeks left in this session. Phil is busy either working on his new dinghy or getting Changes ready for putting in the lake. Need some warmer weather for the work on Changes to continue.

My hired date for my new position has been pushed back to April 19 to allow more time for the transition. I'm looking forward to starting this new position!

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