Friday, July 9, 2010

Macerator Pump Project

July 9, 2010   74F outside.

One of the bigger projects that Phil has to complete is to put the macerator pump in the tubing between the  holding tank and the hose that connects to the outlet at the deck so that the contents can be ground up into tiny bits and released.   The first step in the project was to install a Y-valve in the hose behind the holding tank.  Today was the best day.  First was to empty the holding tank which required asking a boat from Ashtabula to move to another dock on a temporary basis, which they were kind enough to do.  Then Phil pumped the head 50 times and used the pump out to drain the holding tank - repeating this process 5 times - to clear out the holding tank and hose completely of smelly material.

Then he had to cut the hose and try to install the Y-valve - but because this hose has been in Changes since 1978 - it's too hard  and old to force the Y-valve in there.  This necessitate a trip to Blystone's, our local Chandry (marine Store) - to buy 10 feet of hose.  Phil bought the last 2-2" hose clamps, so is on the look out for more (Home Depot doesn't have any).  He's going to to try Joughin Hardware in Painesville to see if they have more for him to finish the project.  Needless to say - he took a shower after the project was completed.  Here is the completed Y-Valve

On other notes - it's been a very busy week at work - being one day short due to the July 4 holiday.  I saw 4-5 patients everyday and needless to say, I'll need to do some charting tomorrow.  We had a relaxing evening at the GRYC Friday Potluck.  The Zucchini and tomatoes are becoming available to the farmer's markets - so I made Zucchini Parmesan tonight as my contribution.  It's tasted very good, if I say so myself, and we have some left over for supper tomorrow.

The 90 - 100F weather has broken - Thank you!! - so we are looking forward to a comfortable night and it's wonderful not to be sticky and sweaty all the time.  It's to be in the low 80's for the rest of the week and we're glad for the change.

It's hard to believe, but Katie has one week left with us on the boat before she goes back to Dayton to go to summer school at Sinclair Community College.  She wishes that she could spend more time with us - so that's a good thing.  She is making friends with many of the members here and was a big hit at potluck last Friday when she made from scratch 2 sour cherry pies.  She wanted to make some more - but then when I went to buy some, learned that that birds had eaten ALL of the sour cherries in one night - so no more left.  It's been so dry, that the birds needed the moisture from the cherries.  At least we had these ones.  I even splurged and had a piece and it was good.

Sunday Mom, Dad and my nephew, Desmond, are coming to the boat.  Desmond will go out on a sail with us and Mom and Dad will meet Uncle Dale and go out to eat.  The weather I hope will be good enough for a sail but not too wavy for him to get sea sick.

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  1. Chet here,
    Phil likely knows this, but all SS circle clamps are not alike. Some have SS rings but not screw parts and will deteriorate in salt air.
    After the stuffing box hose clamps failing, probably the next worst thing is some head hose clamps failing. Take a magnet with you and check them out before you buy.