Monday, July 19, 2010

Katie has gone home

Monday, July 19

Yesterday I met my sister Cheryl just north of Columbus to drop off Katie and my nephew (her son) Desmond for them to return to Dayton.  Katie starts going back to Sinclair Community College on Thursday.  We will miss her, and I'm glad to say that she had a good time here at GRYC - living on Changes.  It turned out much better than she expected!  She made lots of friends who loved her pies and has matured so much this past year in Dayton.   I'm think I'm not going to be the only one to miss her as she's made many friends at the yacht club.   We've decided to get her a passport, and I'm hoping that we'll be able to work out her being with someone in Florida on the east coast so that she'll be able to join us on the trip over to the Bahamas.  She has from Thanksgiving until the first Monday in January 2011 off what with her being on quarters at college, so we'll be able to have her for a month we hope.   As it goes with cruising, you can pick the day or you can pick the place, but it's not safe to pick both as you never know what the weather is going to be like.  When you pick both - then you run the risk of going out in weather you shouldn't be in and we want to return from this trip.

Today when we were helping Kurt put up his new mast on S/V Adrenalinewhen Phil injured his left leg when he jumped from the dock onto the boat.  We don't think it's serious.  His right foot caught on a screw that wasn't completely all the way in so he landed completely on his left leg.  He iced it down this evening and is a little stiff, so he got some pampering by me.  Hopefully it will heal quickly and not hold him up too much.

This past weekend was hot - so we enjoyed anchoring Changes off close to the Coast Guard beach on Saturday.  Phil and I went in for a swim - and I also finished tieing the V-berth quilt while Katie read.  Now I need to bind the quilt and we can use it next time it cools off at night that it's needed.

I'm looking at my countdown - and it's hard to believe that there's only about 6 weeks left to go.  We've been finishing some items on the list, but there is still a lot to go.  We hope to make our Bimini this coming weekend, which is a must get done item on our list.  Phil has ordered additional parts/equipment that we need and hope that it arrives this week so we're ready for the weekend.

We are also looking forward to our friends Eileen and Scott Foreman to come to potlock and maybe sailing if the weather cooperates on Friday.  Some Hospice of the Western Reserve co-workers from my old team came Friday for our own potluck and we had a wonderful sunset sail - coming back when it was dark. It was great to see my old boss, Noel (and her S.O. Aaron) and other new members of the team.   I think that we went at the perfect time that day with winds down to 8-14 knots and the waves dying down to 1.5 to 2 ft with a few left over 3 footers.  Saturday it was very windy - in the mid to upper teens and 4+ waves - which I don't like to be in unless we are trying to get somewhere and there isn't a choice.

We found out this weekend that there is another couple, Mike and Chris Link, who are planning on going to the Bahamas this winter also.  They also have a blog, which I have added to the list to the right if anyone is interested in reading.  Hopefully, they'll add another post soon.  hint hint  :)

Time to go to bed.

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