Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sanding the Hardwood Floors

Today Phil spoke to Steve, the sanding guy.  Turns out that he is pretty reasonable, so he is going to sand the pine floors in the living room, dining room, upstairs hall and bathroom closet and Katie's bedroom.  Included in the price is putting on the first coat of varnish.  Phil will put on the other 2 coats saving up about $700.  Steve came Jan 5 & 6, 2009.  The first picture is the stairs with carpet.  Photo #2 is Phil taking a break. Photo #3 shows the marks left from Phil pulling stables.

We had to prep, which meant ripping up the carpet and padding, removing the staples and of course before we can do that, removing the furniture.  So my job while Phil was in California wass to clear out the bookcases and everything else I can so when he gets back, we'll work together moving the furniture and doing the above prep work.

We were not sure what to do about the stairs, which Steve says are oak - at least the treads are oak and the risers are probably pine like the floors.  Phil lifted up the carpet on the lower stairs and is currently pulling out the staples.  Mind you, the carpet installers stapled every inch or so. Many staples to pull out.  We are thinking about sanding the stairs lightly and varnishing them ourselves.    As you can tell, this post is out of order, but when I originally wrote, it - couldn't figure out how to add the pictures.  

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