Monday, April 4, 2011

Boat problems - St. Augustine, FL

Saturday, April 2
Vero Beach to NASA Causeway Bridge
Distance Traveled:  54.6 nm
Miles to get home:  563.33 nm
Total Distance Traveled:  3256.06 nm

Last night it really cooled off - was 59F outside when we woke and 68F cabin temperature.  Phil woke cold last night and I had to get the V-berth quilt to cover us.  But it was sunny and it warms up fast here.

We released the mooring ball with sea smoke on the water at 715am.  While Phil was on watch first, I started a batch of Artisan Bran enriched wheat bread and set it out to rise at 835am.  This is a type of bread that is not kneaded.  Just mix, rise until collapses and put in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag not sealed completely and is good for 14 days.   We talked briefly with Sue Brannon and they are a couple days south of us.  I know that I started on today's post and will finish it up now.  We did get to sail for a couple hours, which is no mean feat on the ICW, but by 4pm the winds died to 7-8 knots and going downwind, not strong enough to keep the head sail filled.  We had wanted to make Titusville, FL today, but we've had a worsening vibration problem with the engine/prop shaft/cutlass bearing so can only go 5 knots wit the engine.  We stopped just on the other side of the Addison Bridge which is the bridge for the NASA Causeway out to the launch pad.  We can see the buildings in the distance.

I fix rice sauce mix and added dehydrated carrots, canned green beans and a pack of tuna for a quick one pot meal.  I also made a loaf of the bread that started this morning and have the rest of the dough in the refrigerator.  Was very good.

We talked to our friend Ken on S/V Sail Away and got some good tip to avoid hitting ground which worked like a charm.  Thanks Ken!. He's a day ahead of us and going to St. John River.  Depending on what happens with the boat, we'll meet up with him if we can.

I started making a pair of socks for Phil - starting with the toes.  I had some sock yarn that he liked.  Want to keep him happy.   Phil read for the evening.

Sunday, April 3
Addision Bridge to Daytona Beach
Distance Traveled:  44.46
Miles to get home:  607.79 nm
Total Distance Traveled:  3300.52 nm

We woke a little late this morning as about 4am the boat really started rocking from the wind shifting to the north.  Not great when you're in the V-berth.  It's cold and I take the single quilt and lay on the port settee while Phil is on the Apple Computer.  Eventually I warm up and go back to sleep and Phil goes to bed in the V-berth after the rocking calms down.

It's is sunny CT (cabin Temp) 72F, AT (Air Temp) 68F with blue skies and a light dew.  Phil was still sleeping when I woke, so I started the coffee water and then woke him before 730am.  We started the engine at 745am  and raised anchor at 750am to N 6 knots of wind..  The Max Brewer swing bridge is no more - there is a 65' high bridge to replace it and they are still in the process of removing the swing bridge, though they have made a lot of progress.  By 1030am we made it through the Haulover Canal Bridge - the wind is from the North so we have been motoring the until after getting through this last bridge when the wind angle clocked to 90degree to SB and 11 knots of wind. We continue motor sailing until 145pm when the mail said is taking down as we are coming up to the Coronado Beach Bridge.  By 415pm we are in Daytona Beach trying to anchor before the marinas and the Memorial Bridge.  WE have problems.  The GPS says there is 14' of water - then why did we get stuck three times??  On - work hard in reverse to get off taking many minutes - try to go to deeper water and get stuck again 2 more times.  Finally we get to deeper water closer to the ICW and ar anchored at 515pm. 

We can tell it's Sunday as the motor boats and recreational vessels are out in force.  Many times there are power boats passing us in both directions - zipping by if their smaller and going slower (if we're lucky) when they're bigger.  Phil says the Buzz Bombs (as he calls these boats) should be stopping soon when the sun goes down and the frequent rocking from the wakes will stop. 

For supper I make the mushroom rice mix and add mushrooms (that I cut up yesterday and forgot to add) the left over cooked beef and fresh cooked spinach on the side.  We eat up the rest of the loaf of bread that I make yesterday.  After supper we take Sun Showers in the head as it doesn't get dark until close to 8pm now that the sun sets about 730pm.  I finish knitting the toes of Phil's socks and Phil reads.

Monday, April 4
Daytona Beach to St. Augustine, FL
Distance Traveled:  41.75 nm
Miles to get Home:  649.55 nm
Total Distance Traveled:  3342.28 nm

The CT was 73F today - better than the last couple days and AT is 68F but the weather radio report said it was 59F. Today we get an early start to make the Memorial Bridge before they close for rush hour traffic  We raise anchor at 703am and make it through the bridge with S/V Warm Rain about 715am.  The next bridge is about 1 mile away and we make it through before 730am.  Phil has the first watch and I take over at 9am with the wind from 205degrees (almost S) 9 kts.  Phil starts making calls to boat yards in St. Augustine to see which would be the best place for us to have the boat hauled and have the prop shaft and cutlass bearing looked at.  We hope that is the only problem.  After a few return calls Phil has all the information he needs to think about and make his decision later in the day.  He is considering Oasis Boat Yard and St. Augustine Marine Center.  As the day progresses the wind picks up first to the lower teens mid morning.  The wind angle clocks enough that we put out the head sail.  The wind dies after a bridge - so we roll in the head sail but 10 min later it's out again.  We are going downwind so we work to keep the sail filled and eventually during Phil's watch he rolls it in and that's it for the day.  We are down to 2 slices of store bought bread, and given that we'll be in a boat yard tomorrow, I start making some sandwich bread.  I start with a white bread recipe and add 1/4 c. wheat bran, 1 T flax seed and replace 2 c. of white flour with whole wheat flour.  I like it but Phil always likes the fluffy stuff.  As we are getting closer to St. Augustine, the tide is going out and we go in the upper 6 to 7.3 kts due to a favorable current.  In no time we are at the Crescent Beach Bridge and turn left immediately after to turn into a creek and get to Oasis Boat Yard.  The wind is blowing 20kts and pushing us onto the dock.  Let's say that this docking wasn't pretty - the bow is being pushing to the dock - we're scrambling to get the boat pulled up so the entire boat is at the dock.  I'm throwing things out of the sail locker to get the 3rd fender to put protect the bow.  After lots of yelling - we get the boat secured.  What fun!!!  So we are docked and settled by 317pm.  We walk up and find John in the boat yard and after they put in the big motor boat, he'll come talk to us.  I take a 30 min nap and after 430pm we walk up to find the showers and see what's going on.

Phil talks to John and they will be pulling Changes tomorrow at 830am before a 60' Hatteras comes for to have the props changed.  After they are done with the hatteras, they'll look at Changes and we'll see what they think is wrong to cause the vibration problem.  Best case scenario - it's just the cutlass bearing - replaced and we go in Wednesday am (they need to dredge under the travel lift so we need to go in and out at high tide).  We won't think about the worse case scenario.

I haven't fixed supper as we had a couple slices of the bread fas a snack - but Phil is taking a real shower and I'll fix something for us.

There is a cold front coming through so we're expecting winds in the upper 20's to 30's and showers with Thunderstorms tonight.  We have electricity for the night so I'll work on downloading the photos and try to get some photos up for you to see soon.  I promise.

Tomorrow evening we're going to meet with my HWR friend Liz for supper.  She's kind enough to pick us up.  We also plan to bike to the West Marine after the boat has been pulled and before they start to work on her to get the propane regulator so we can use the grill.  Hey!

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  1. Hi Lorraine,
    Just read your blog entry online. Sorry to hear about the issues. Myself and my wife are based here in St.Augustine, so if there is anything we can help with, please give me a call on 864 643 7600 or email
    Dean & Meghan Richardson