Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marsh Harbor, Abicos

Wednesday, March 9
Passage from Little Harbor to Marsh Harbor
Distance Traveled:  21.67 nm 
Miles to get Home:  264.04 nm
Total Distance:  2958.92

Phil made french toast for breakfast and we had a lazy start while we waited for high tide to arrive so that we could leave Little Harbor and sail to Marsh Harbour.  Chris Parker predicted winds E 15 kts, which would be good sailing weather and it being about 15 miles away, we will have plenty of time to sail instead of motor sailing.

We made it out of the channel by 1030am hitting three times again on the way out.  Once out, the wave quickly got 3ft + and I started getting sea sick so took over steering to help with that.  Once we were past the cut, the waves calmed down as well as my stomach, but I continued to steer as I like it.  Phil pumped the head using the mascerator pump, even though it didn't need it that much, but keeping up on it really help the smell not get unbearable.  About 1048am Phil put the engine in neutral to charge the batteries and we were sailing 5.9 - 6.13 kts. with the course 6 degrees.  The wind angle was 110-116 @ 13-14 kts.  Today we had all points of sail getting to Marsh Harbor from dead downwind, downwind, broad reach, reaching, close reach and hard on the wind and then we had to roll up the head sail and motor in around Matt Lowes Cay into the Sea of Abaco.  It really was a great sail and there were 2 other boats close by and was great that we were able to point higher then both of them.  It was about 145 that Phil started steering and we took down the main sail while the autopilot steered.  By 202pm we dropped anchor close to the Channel in the deeper part of the harbor.  S/V Walkabout is anchor just behind us.  We got the dinghy together and by 303pm went to visit Bob and Jeanne on Walkabout.  After chatting and the obligatory drinks, we went over to visit S/V Winsome, Jim and Linda.  More chatting and drinks ensued.  About this time we saw thick heavy smoke rising on land at the side of the harbor and it covered a lot of area.  Wonder what's burning?  About 5pm we started back to Changes as it was getting cool.  The fire continued burning into the night - continuing even at 11pm.

I fixed spaghetti tonight, this time trying to cook the spaghetti noodles in the sauce, adding extra water.  Worked good and saved having to wash another pan, but need to add either less noodles or more water as was a little think.  We read the evening away and Phil went to bed at 840am and I at 11pm.

Thursday, March 10
Marsh Harbor

This morning we listened to Chris Parker.  There is a cold front to come through this evening or later tonight, but the wind is light from a southerly direction so the boat is pointing in another direction.  Today is the first day that I listened to the cruisers net here.  Tried to find someone to take the mail back and was told that have to find someone personally to do it and not on the net.  They're funny here about packages.  Then I started my first batch of Artisan bread - no kneading and let it rise until it falls so should be good to let rise when we are in town.  This is a bread that you keep in the refrigerator for up to 14 days and cut off what you want to make each time.  After breakfast, we left the boat about 930am to go to S/V Winsome to pick up the Jabsco pump assembly for the head.  He had an extra one and that's the type of toilet (head) that we have.  We talked about plans for the next few days.  I was invited to go on a girls day to an art show and lunch on Saturday so accepted that and then tonight there is a Cruiser's Happy Hour at the Jim Room.  Cruisers bring the appetizers and we buy the booze there.  After chatting, Phil and I continued to go into town and scope things out.

First we needed to drop off the garbage.  It's a big town here and so of course, we went the wrong direction and some cruisers helped us to find the right place further down the dock and not on main street.  Then we walked around - got a map of town at the Ministry of Tourism Executive Office, and continued with more of an idea where to go.  We went into a couple of hardware stores - they are really big here.  This is a large town.  The largest we've been to except Nassau., with many cars and stores around.  We also stopped at Island Bakery and picked up a loaf of bread (Phil doesn't have time today to make) and 2 roast beef sandwiches on sub sandwich bread made there.  Very good.  We also visited an office supplies shop, 2 camera shops trying to find an extra battery for my Pentax Camera.  There is a John Bull around, but too far to walk to today with all the other walking that we did.  We saw a Save A Lot store in the distance, but then decided not to walk there as we were getting tired and still needed to get to Maxwell's Grocery Store.

Maxwell's Grocery Store is the best one we've seen in the Bahamas - even better than Nassau.  On the outside it looked as big as the grocery stores at home.  We really didn't need a lot, so kept it to fresh produce and fruit, eggs, half-n-half and fresh milk. 

On the way back to the boat, we saw S/V Gorma (pronounced with long A) and so stopped by to say hi.  They invited us on the boat and we said yes so that we could see the layout down below (Morgan 38')  It's very nice, lots of wood down below.  Has a bigger galley and head and more storage than we have.  Still have a quarter berth which they also use for storage like us. 

We didn't stay long as we were tired, had to put away groceries and rest. My bread looks like it rose and fell like it was suppose to, but a crust formed on the top.  Will put it in the ziploc bag and refrigerate and hope for the best.   We decided not to go to the arts and craft event at 4pm - would be a 1mi walk there and back and too much for us with the walking we did today.  While I relaxed on the boat, Phil took the dinghy to the dock and worked on putting 2" dia clear plastic tubing over the thimble on the bow of the dingy close to the shackel.  At 350pm the wind clocked to SSW and the smoke from the fire that continues to burn is now blowing over the boat so that we can smell it.  About 415pm Phil noticed some ash on the boat.  If the wind continues to clock like predicted, then it will stop blowing in our direction.  At least it smells like wood burning and not something awful smelling.

Need to go to get ready for the Happy Hour.  Will write more later.

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  1. Glad you're enjoying Marsh Harbor. Rested up there while delivering a Beneteau with Dave Block a couple years back, and really liked the hospitality and the food.
    Paul Van Voorhees.