Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arrived in Georgetown

Friday, February 11
Emerald Bay Marine to Georgetown, Bahamas
Distance Traveled: 13.62 nm
Total Distance:  2687.73

This morning we had heavy dew but nice weather and we are going to take the last leg to get to our ultimate destination - GEORGETOWN.  We started the engine at thfte engine @ 1040am and moved to the fuel dock to get gas, diesel.  There was a line so we didn't get going out the channel until an hour later.  The waves were initially 1ft with occasional 2' and then swells.  I put out the fishing line at 1055am but pulled it in about 1230pm empty.  Darn!  So on our trip the wind angle was 13-20 degreed to port 6-8 knots.  Boat speed was 5.5 kts - then closer to noon the wind changed 30-40 degrees to on the nose @ 12-13 knots with 2 mi go to.  S/V Enchantment is following us as their first time going in and Phil's third time plus.  WE got to our first way point into the harbor at 1226 and were anchorded by 115pm the first time and 127pm the 2nd time to get us a better spot that was calmer.  We are at N 23 31.536  W 76 45.897'   Just 2700 miles to get here - that's all.

First on the agebda is putting on the 8hp engine and going to Chat N Chill on Volleyball (VB) Beach for a burger and drinks.  Already we have seen some friends we have met along the way.  Ken Blythe of S/V Sail Away is also here and joined us for supper (poor bachelor with Jeanne at home) of chichen thighs in rice and green beans. The wind has died and after Ken went home, I washed up in cold water as it's so warm here.

Saturday, February 12
Georgetown Bahamas
Monument Beach

The wind was almost calm here - just ripples in the water.  On Chris Parker there was a warning about a Havier Martin - being detained for a murder in December and warned to stay away from him and a 50' Aluminum cat that may be being painted.  We haven't seen him and this is the first time this trip to receive this kind of warning but he's in the Panama & Caribbean area - not up here.

This morning we are going into Georgetown, which is across the harbor - about 1 mi dinghy ride, but first we went to Enchantment and listened to the Georgetown Net at 8am on VHF Ch 72.  They start with the weather by S/V Windstar, then have Business, Community, REgatta, Boater's General, New Arrivals, Departures and Word of the Day.  There are so many kids here that they also have a Kid's Net at 9am on Ch 74.  We left Enchantment about 745am and went to went to Polly on  S/V Chinook,  a J40? to borrow size 3 & 4 knitting needles so that I can make preemie hats for the triplets.  Unfortunately, Katie took my knitting needles of that size home with her.  We both forgot and didn't know that wouldn't be able to replace.  Polly has a knitting store and teaches knitting at home.  Then we tied up at the dinghy dock.  (insert photo)  The Exuma Market looks freshly painted and brighter than when I was last here.  Now that I've been to many smaller markets, it's a like a small grocery store compared to the rest of the places.  We stopped in Top II Bottom, a store that has lots of items.  I bought a black yoyo to wrap my hand fishing line on and Phil got some items too.  Then we walked about the rest of town past the Straw Market and back towards the dinghy dock to visit Bal Sound to check out getting a wifi antenna. Bal Sound is across from the laundromat - mostly open air with a roof.  No luck for the antenna.  Will put on the Boater's General on the Net tomorrow to see if anyone has one they'd be willing to share and sell us.

After coming back from town (got  a little wet) and put food away, we went to Chat N Chil for drinks and then to St. Francis Marina to use internet.  It's $2 for 80 min and 25 MG data.  Wasn't able to post that day but bought three more passwords for when I wanted to use next time.  By 430pm we were back on the boat and good thing and the winds were climbing rapidly started at 14 kts and climbed rapidly by 6pm to N 10-28 knots - mostly around 22 knots.  On the radio were several boats dragging and some of them were still in town.  This WAS predicted by Chris Parker this morning and for once he was right.

We stayed on the boat and I fixed Chinese pork chops (reminds me of the sweet and sour spareribs), Cassave and carrots/broccoli for supper.  Phil doesn't like Cassava - and I didn't realize that it took so long to cook.  Never did get it as soft as I like.  IF I make it again, I'll cook in the pressure cooker.

I was able to borrow a toe sock book so read that tonight while Phil read his book and went to bed at 915pm.

Sunday, February 13
Monument Beach
Georgetown, Bahamas

They are having a potluck and music Jam at Sand Bar on Hamburger Beach tonight at 530pm so we plan to go even if the winds are up.  It's really close to us and we'll go very close to shore to get to calmer waters.

The engine has been running a little hot lately, so Phil changed the impeller and started the engine that seems to have done the trick.  The wind this morning is ENE 15-18 kts.

I started working on the first preemie hat and Phil started making white bread with the new yeast.  It started rising well and was done by late morning.  Turned out really well.  I told him that he could have that job now - and he tried to give it back to me - didn't teach me what he was doing along the way.  I took a nap after a lunch of left over chicken and rice for me and spaghetti for Phil.  About 2pm the wind angle changed 40 degrees and increased to 20-25 kts so will see how the wind is before committing to the Jam tonight.  The air temp is 75F.

By 515pm, we decided to go to the Jam as the dock we go to is very close by.  There were quite a few people who came also - maybe stir crazy from being on the boat all day like us.  There I met Sonda (an Oncology nurse) and John (in yacht sales) on S/V Airborn who live in Beaufort, NC.  Wilma from Wilmington, NC is visiting them for this week and she's also an oncology nurse.  As you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about and also said they are hiring hospice nurses.  Something to keep in mind for the future if we want to move south.  We also saw Kathy and John from s/V Oceana and they have a directional wifi antenna that we can try and buy if it works.  So we picked it up on our way back to the boat (they are anchored behind us) and will try it out tomorrow.  BTW, I wore jeans, and long sleeve shirt, fleece and blue wind breaker and was at the right temperature.  The wind makes it cold down here.

Monday, February 14
Happy Valentines Day
Monument Beach
Georgetown, Bahamas

Our boat project for this morning was Phil greasing the big aft port winche.  He required some of my assistance turning the winch handle for the greasing part.  After that, I washed up including my hair and then we went to take a walk on the beach with Vern and Michele.  We had a hard time finding a path that got us to the beach on the exuma side, but made it.  I collected some more pink coral colored small shells and enjoyed watching the waves.  We walked to the monument (insert photo) and met Beth and Scott and Tony, Tess and their daughter, Ali at the monument and took photos of each other.

It turns out that the electric razor that I found belongs to Ranger - still at Emerald Bay - and when I heard that Jillian of S/V Barodo was going to Emerald Bay tomorrow, I arranged to meet her at VB Beach and give her the razor to take to the marina.  I called the marina and let them know what was going on and asked them to let S/V Ranger know to pick u the razor at the desk.  Hope that it works out ok!  Feel bad about the mixup that's for sure.

After relaxing on VB beach for the afternoon, we went back to the boat at 430pm.  I fixed pork chops, sweet potatoes (our kind) and cabbage in the pressure cooker.

We tried the EC comet directional antenna - but couldn't get the software to load on either of our computers - so will have to return it.

Tonight, we are going to the Valentine Days Dance on the deck of Chat N Chill.  Rockin Ron is the DJ providing the music.  We had a great time - dance pretty much the whole time and was it crowded!  They have 4 cruisers do a little acts each - imitating Patsy Cline - Joe Cocker, Nancy Sinatra, I can't remember the last guy.  They did a great job.  We stayed until 9p and then went home to bed.

Tuesday, Feb 15
Monument Beach
Georgetown, Bahamas
 ith Oceana and then picked up Melissa of S/V Piscator to collect the closed palm fronds for todays craft project of learning how to weave them from Suzanne of SV Camelot II scheduled to start about 2 - 230pm.  We collected 8 of them, and it was a lot easier when Phil and I both pulled them out of the top.  Then Phil and I went to Georgetown iin the dinghy to get gas for the outboard, collect water (12.5 gals), D/O propane at Forbes and then Lunch at the Bikini stand next to the Dinghy dock.  While Phil did everything but the gas, I was on the computer at Pet's Deli checking email.  It was pretty slow and not enough time to post on the blog.
Phil got me to the VB beach at 2pm and I met up with Michelle.  We were trying to find Melissa as she has the palm fronds, but didn't meet up until 230pm.  We learned enough to start our baskets and will continue.   working on them until we're ready to start the side and then Suzanne will help us with the next step.  We left VB Beach at 4pm.  At the boat, I worked on usiing the fresh wrap and organized the stuffing and then fixed supper.  The wind is 60 degree 9-10 knot and increased at 6pm to 14-15 knts.  WE had sirloin steak, sliced potatoes and carrots in a one pot meal. 

While I was gone and Phil was on the boat, he added 7.5 gals of water to the tank.  We finished the eveing with Phil reading and me knitting.


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